Proxy List (SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP)

These proxies are checked often. If this list shows an ip:port and a working protocol, you can bet it's working.
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The proxies you see above are checked periodically, especially the ones that are marked as 'working'.

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SOCKS: A protocol that facilitates the routing of network packets between client-server applications. It allows for listening (binding) on a port and connecting. SOCKS4 supports TCP only, SOCKS5 supports UDP and IPV6 as well. Read more about socks on Wikipedia.
HTTP (1): The most common HTTP proxy protocol (used by Internet Explorer). It sends a GET HTTP/1.1 request.
HTTP (2): HTTP proxy protocol (used by transparent proxies). It sends a GET /example HTTP/1.1 - Host: request.
HTTP (connect): You can use this proxy by issuing a CONNECT ip:port HTTP/1.0 request.