Service fees

Service Type Price Expiry
Traffic Quota 1 GB Free 1 month
SSH access 1 Free 1 month
SSH+1GB Quota 1 5 EUR 1 month
Traffic Quota 5 GB 3 EUR 1 month
Traffic Quota 10 GB 5 EUR 1 month
Traffic Quota 30 GB 10 EUR 1 month
Traffic Quota 50 GB 15 EUR 1 month
Traffic Quota 60 GB 20 EUR 3 months
Traffic Quota 100 GB 30 EUR 3 months
Leech Social 3 EUR 1 month
Leech Data 5 EUR 1 month

When you sign up, you automatically get your 1 GB free quota.
To use SSH, you need to activate your free 1 month SSH access.
Affordable VPN
Making a purchase automatically grants you the following:
   > Different public IP than the one free users are assigned.
   > Access to Paypal, Ebay, other networks with high risk of abuse
   > No need for captcha reactivation every week

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Traffic Quota is the allowed amount of data you can download and upload.
Leech gives you unmeasured traffic to specific networks. See this list for details.

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