Free VPN account

Signup is simple and free, and you get a gigabyte of traffic to use with it.

   > Test the speed and latency of the connection
   > Check out the features on the control panel
   > Use lightweight applications (Twitter, Facebook)
   > Get familiar with TORVPN!

Free users Paying customers
VPN accounts Just one You can have up to 3 VPN accounts with different IP's
Traffic quota 1 GByte 10 Gbytes for just 5 EUR
Exceptions TorVPN only Unlimited Gmail, Youtube, Rapidshare, etc for just 3 EUR
Deactivation 1 week idle 1 month
Filters Paypal, Ebay, SMTP, etc SMTP only
Extras TOR tunnel, Namecoin DNS, custom routes TOR tunnel, Namecoin DNS, custom routes, sub-accounts, different public IP

You can use HTTP, HTTPS, Skype, FTP, and all other protocols as well. There are no restrictions on available ports. You are blocked access to high-risk sites (Paypal, Ebay). Customers have no such limitations.

There's much more to TorVPN than just the free VPN! Check out our affordable premium services!

If you need help, contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What if I reach my allowed traffic quota?

You can still use TorVPN: just enable the transparent TOR tunnel! But remember, you never know who's reading that (and it's much, much slower). Please understand that there are no guarantees made for free accounts. If there are too many accounts that disrupt the service of paying users or keep potential customers from signing up, free accounts may be deactivated. However, we will do our best to filter multiple registrations and allow for as many people to use the service for free as possible.

Please keep in mind: we give you a good service at a very affordable price.